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Update and New Links!

As of today…

“You can register 36 additional devices.
You can register up to 100 devices per year for development purposes. Any devices added, then later removed, still count towards your maximum number of registered devices per year.”

iPhone OS 4 Beta 3!

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3G

iPod Touch 2g

iPod Touch 3g


Just to prove I’m legit… Link 1: Link 2:


Also on eBay Australia:

UDID Activation for iPhone OS 4 Beta


My aim is not to profit on this item, I just want to recoup the cost for a Dev Account – poor uni student here!



You need to register your iPhone’s UDID in order to try out the new iPhone OS 4 Beta.


I can register your UDID on my Developer Account and provide you with a download link for your device (check compability) so you can try out the 100+ new features of iPhone OS 4 before the official release!

What you need to do:

Pay USD$1.99 via PayPal to and send me your UDID during checkout.


How to check your UDID:

To find your iPhone’s UDID, just plug it into your computer and wait until iTunes recognizes it. Select your phone from the Devices list in iTunes and click the “Summary” tab. To see your UDID, click on the word “serial number” beside the picture of the iPhone. You should see the word “identifer” and an alphanumeric string – this is your UDID.

To copy it, just press command + C on your Mac’s keyboard (or control + C in Windows). (Source: TUAW)


iPhone OS 4 Compatibility:

iPhone OS 4 will work with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the second- and third-generation iPod touch this summer, and with iPad in the fall. Not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking is available only with iPhone 3GS and the third-generation iPod touch (32GB and 64GB models from late 2009).



Please wait for my confirmation email (usually within 1 day) before you install the new OS on your iPhone. You will need access to a Mac running iTunes 9.1 to perform the update. Please check your device compatibility before buying. For more information on iPhone OS 4 visit Thank you.